A medium-class medical mattress The cover is made from Dartex premium hypoallergenic material. The welded seams contribute to greater water resistance. The combination of two PU foams of various densities offers superior comfort together with a high weight limit.

PrimaCare 20

The body of the mattress consists of a combination of two cold polyurethane foams in two layers. The upper surface of the mattress is profiled in those places where the greatest pressure is generated on the patient’s skin: the head, sides and feet. Due to this profiling, there is better air circulation between the patient’s skin and the base. It also helps to optimally distribute pressure.

Two-layer core: Thanks to two-layer core technology, the mattress has a high load capacity and also ensures patient comfort.

Transport handles on the cover: The transport handles on the side of the cover can be used for better handling and easier relocation of the mattress.

Cuttings on the bottom layer of the mattress: PrimaCare 20 has cuttings on the bottom, due to which the pressure on the patient is optimised during positioning of the bed.

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