PU foam slits across the mattress' entire surface increases the patient's comfort and the mattress' preventive effects. For even greater reduction in pressure under the patient, and greater preventive effects in the head and heel areas, the core slits in the mattress in these areas are more frequent.

PrimaCare 10

PrimaCare 10 is made of a monolithic foam core. The upper surface of the mattress has transverse and longitudinal profiling evenly distributed over its entire surface. Due to this profiling, there is better air circulation between the patient’s skin and the base. They also help to optimally distribute pressure.

Increased density of profiling at the head and foot of the mattress: Due to the increased density of profiling in the head and foot area, the mattress ensures better comfort and distribution of pressure between the patient and the mattress.

Mattress cover made of vapour-permeable material: Helps reduce patient perspiration and also reduces skin moisture.

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