A basic medical mattress, designed particularly for the area of nursing and . Its long lifespan is ensured through 1/4 rotation. Cover from material? Enables easy cleaning using normal cleaning methods and devices.

EffectaCare 10

The mattress consists of a solid block with convoluted profiling on both sides of the mattress. This profiling helps to better distribute pressure, and due to its completely symmetrical design, the mattress can be turned and rotated (alternating the head and foot) to extend its useful life.

Convoluted symmetrical profiling: This profiling is symmetrical along the entire surface of the mattress. Thanks to this, the mattress can be flipped as required, and the head and foot can be rotated. As a result the mattress has a longer useful life.

Mattress cover made of vapour-permeable material: Helps reduce patient perspiration and also reduces skin moisture.

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