A passive medical mattress of the highest class. The firm core ensures that the mattress has a high weight limit. The Visco foam, with its memory effect and advanced shaping, offers high comfort. The Clima™ layer contributes to increasing this mattress' preventive effects by absorbing excess heat under the patient and radiating it back into the room. In doing so, it reduces sweating and thereby also the risk of bed sores caused by excess moisture. It's the most effective passive mattress.

CliniCare 30

CliniCare 30 is a mattress made of a two-layer foam core. The upper layer is a thermoelastic foam with Clima™ feature. The lower foam layer is made of cold polyurethane foam, which in combination with profiling, ensures better distribution of pressure created beneath the patient during positioning of the bed.

Clima™ feature: Thanks to Clima™ technology, the foam mattress also ensures active improvement of the environment between the patient’s skin and the mattress. The mattress is capable of absorbing excess heat and distributing absorbed heat throughout the layer and emitting it back in places where patient is not located. In this way, the patient’s ideal physiological temperature is maintained and there is no excessive accumulation of heat in places with a high risk of the development of pressure ulcers.

Reinforced edges of the foam core: Edges of the CliniCare 30 mattress are reinforced with stiffer PUR foam, which ensures the stability and safety of a patient lying down and support when sitting on the edge of the bed.

Transport handles: The transport handles on the side of the mattress cover can be used for better handling and easier relocation of the mattress.

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