A higher-class medical mattress. The top Visco foam layer has a memory effect and is equipped with sophisticated shaping. It provides optimal pressure distribution for all the individual parts of the patient's body. The core is made from durable PU foam and therefore offers a high weight limit. The integrated side formers ensure a feeling of higher stability, for example during the rehabilitation process.

CliniCare 20

CliniCare 20 is a mattress made of one layer of cold polyurethane foam, which is whole covered with a layer of thermoelastic foam. This composition of the core, combined with profiling, ensures better distribution of pressure created beneath the patient during positioning of the bed.

Seven-zone thermoelastic foam: For maximum patient comfort, the thermoelastic foam supports the patient’s entire body and forms the entire upper layer of the mattress. This layer is divided into seven zones, each of which is specifically shaped. Thanks to this design, the mattress ensures the prevention of up to fourth degree pressure ulcers.

Reinforced edges of the foam core: The edges of the mattress are reinforced with stiffer PUR foam, which ensures the stability and safety of a patient lying down and support when sitting on the edge of the bed.

Transport handles: The transport handles on the side of the mattress cover can be used for better handling and easier relocation of the mattress.

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