An increasingly popular universal system which combines the properties of active and passive mattresses. It combines the clinical effectiveness of active mattresses and the high patient comfort of passive ones. It contains an MCM function, which usually only appears in higher classes.

CliniCare 100HF

The CliniCare 100 HF reactive mattress combines the benefits of passive and active systems and offers effective pressure ulcer prevention to a broad spectrum of hospital, home and community care.

The CliniCare 100 HF is currently the only mattress in this class with the option of MicroClimate Management (MCM) built into the mattress top cover as standard. The high moisture vapour permeability of the top cover coupled with air flow beneath the top cover enhance the body’s thermoregulatory properties, therefore managing the MicroClimate. The Clinicare 100 HF also includes a Dedicated Heel zone with 7 degree slope maximising heel pressure offload.

This integrated MCM layer means that there is no requirement to purchase separate coverlets to manage MicroClimate.

The CliniCare 100 HF mattress and pump option offers the patient and caregiver the option of a non-powered high end foam mattress with the ability to step up the patients therapy by adding the pump, this option means the patient does not have to be moved in order to step up their therapy and there is no time lag whilst waiting for a replacement mattress to be delivered from the mattress store. Additional to this the option of integrated MCM makes the CliniCare 100 HF a truly versatile and highly effective mattress.

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