A higher-class medical mattress. The Visco memory function foam inserted in the head and heel areas, ensures the greatest possible preventive effects in high-risk areas. The pelvic area contains special PU foam slits for the prevention of bed sores in this area. To increase the patient's feeling of stability, the mattress is equipped with integrated side formers made from denser foam.

CliniCare 10

CliniCare 10 is a mattress made of a three-layer foam core. The body of the mattress consists of a combination of cold polyurethane and thermoelastic foam. The upper part of the mattress consists of three ergonomic zones: head, body, feet. The area under the head and feet consists of three foams with differing density, hardness and profiles. The upper layer in these areas consists of thermoelastic foam, which is also perforated for better circulation of air between the skin and the mattress.

Thermoelastic foam: On the parts of the mattress where the patient’s head and feet are located, there is thermoelastic foam, which increases the preventive effect against the occurrence of pressure ulcers.

Reinforced edges of the foam core: Edges of the mattress are reinforced with stiffer PUR foam, which ensures the stability and safety of a patient lying down and support when sitting on the edge of the bed.

Transport handles: The transport handles on the side of the mattress cover can be used for better handling and easier relocation of the mattress. Three-layer foam core: The greater load capacity of the mattress and the preservation of patient comfort is attained thanks to the three foam layers.

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