Fowler boost

Lifting the back section without pressure adjustment leads to an increased pressure in the seat section due to the increase in weight distribution at the seat (sacral) area, the fowler boost function boosts the prssure in the seat area in order to prevent bottoming out of the patient. (bottoming out is when the pressure in the mattress cannot support the weight of the patient and the patient has pressure from the mattress platform).

Height between the mattress and the side rail to comply with the norm.

The siderails cover the body of the patient from the area of the knees to the head and thus protect the patient against a possible fall. The parameters of the siderails make the bed compatible with both active and passive mattresses up to height of 23 cm.

Mattress cleaning

Mattress designed to allow easy and effective cleaning. Wipe clean design suitable for most hospital mattress cleaning products. Follow instructions for cleaning as printed on all covers. 360 degree zipper for easy removal of top cover

Top cover can be laundered in accordance with the printed instructions on all covers.

4 way stretch top cover

Wide range of sizes to meet needs of all bed-frames

Alternating therapies

A critical aspect of therapy is the reduction of pressure on the patient's body to allow oxygen and nutrients to circulate freely and accelerate healing Zero pressure is achieved by alternating pressure within the 3-cell systém of the mattress (3-cell and 2-cell system). Alternating therapy is based on 2 cell technology with a 12 minute cycle.


The system automatically maintains the selected pressure value regardless of changes in the patient's weight distribution or position. This constantly optimizes the pressure acting on the skin.

A comprehensive range of static mattresses from single block Polyurethane foam to Viscoelastic 7 zoned mattresses, the CliniCare 30 having CLIMA technology to help manage the temperature at the patient skin mattress interface.


Lack of movement puts patients in critical and intensive care units in danger of a number of medical complications. Reduction of the residual pulmonary capacity, atelectasis and pneumonia are serious medical complications that affect the respirátory tract of long term immobile patients. The positioning of the patient plays an important preventative role here. Automatic lateral therapy (ALT®) is a function that maintains the bed and the patient in it in a permanent cycle of programmed lateral tilts. This partly replaces the natural movement of the human body and acts preventatively against serious respirátory complications.