3 cell technology [A,B,C]: the patient body weight is distributed evenly across two thirds of the surface without compromising its clinical outcome. moreover, since only one third of the surface is active at a time (infl ating/defl ating) it provides optimum stable support to the body enabling maximum pressure relief to be achieved.

7.5 minute cycle: Exton-smith and sherwin studied the number of movements in healthy subjects while sleeping in order to find out what is the natural body behavior. They found out that none of the patients who moved more than 56 times during the night developed tissue damage. this frequency is equivalent to about one movement each 7,5 minutes.

3cell technology

What is 2 cell technology?

The actual cycle time – 7.5, 10 or 12 minutes – is not of any real importance, both are in line with physiological studies and both reflect the frequency of natural spontaneous movement documented in the early observation studies. The aim is to allow the blood vessels to return to their normal shape allowing maximum blood flow and reperfusion of the tissue sufficiently enough for hyperaemia to occur. It is the relationship between time and pressure that is very important, low pressure applied for a long period has been shown to cause tissue damage.

The softer 2 cell cycle does not completely eliminate pressure on blood vessels requiring longer periods for blood flow to return to normal levels which may prevent the reactive hyperaemic response.