What is Microclimate Management?

Moisture and temperature has become a key factor of support surface design and function.

Temperature control and moisture associated with sweating is managed effectively on active mattresses that provide frequent relief of contact pressures with the skin, as it allows air flow around the skin and interface with the mattress. This replicates a person’s spontaneous movement to remove contact to allow heat dispersal and prevent excess sweating. The frequent change of air flow within the cells will also contribute to preventing heat building up.

What is Low Air Loss?

Low-air-loss systems increase the surface by creating air chambers with low pressures and – increasingly popular – by changing the pressure in separate air chambers following a more or less fixed pattern. During an hour, for example, the sacral area is pressure-relieved for four periods of 10 minutes, and for two periods of 10 minutes there is a normal pressure


Constant air loss — microclimate management — dissipation of moisture between skin and mattress. At 100% relative humidity, the skin is 25 times weaker than at 50% humidity.

Active mattresses

Passive mattresses

Reactive mattresses (Hybrid foam / convertible mattresses)

What is constant low pressure?

The best treatment lies in effective distribution of pressure over the patient's entire body. The constant low pressure system automatically redistribution the appropriate pressure level at all times regardless of changes in the distribution of the patient's weight or position, thus constantly optimizing the pressure acting on the skin.

Constant low pressure automatically maintains the selected pressure regardless of changes in the patients weight distribution or position to achieve constantly good levels of pressure redistribution. the use of active pressure redistribution products, such as clp, is recommended for use for patients at higher risk of pressure ulcer development where frequent manual repositioning is not possible and is supported by direct scientifi c evidence from properly designed and implemented clinical studies.

Constant low pressure

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